DALLAS (CBSDFW.COMP) – After three years of planning and construction, the first major pieces of the new core exhibition of the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum were installed.

(credit: Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum)

The new exhibition, among many highlights, will include a floor-to-ceiling replica of the Brandenburg Gates draped in Nazi flags, as they were during WWII; ten 17-feet-tall, free-standing artistic interpretations of ten modern genocides that each highlights one of the ten stages of genocide; and an immersive Holocaust by Bullets gallery that will feature hundreds of bullets raining down from the ceiling as a visceral representation of the taking of life that occurred in Europe prior to the creation of Nazi death camps.

Pacific Studio of Seattle fabricated the core exhibition materials. NFI, a global logistics and transportation company based in New Jersey, transported the 600 tons of materials in six 18-wheelers, which left Seattle on March 18 for Dallas. The materials will be installed in three main wings: the Holocaust/Shoah wing, Human Rights wing, and Pivot to America wing.

The new, 55,000 square foot museum is located on 300 North Houston Street in the West End.

It opens in September 2019.

(credit: Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum)