GEORGETOWN, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A Williamson County Sheriff’s Deputy received an unusual reward for achieving a charity fundraising goal.

He didn’t just get to meet pro wrestler Dustin Rhodes.  He got body slammed onto a table by him, voluntarily.

Right before the body slam, Rhodes asks Deputy Hernandez, “Any last words?”

“I love you, Mom,” Hernandez said.

The Rhodes counted to three, lifted up Hernandez and slammed him down onto the table and it collapsed.

There was padding underneath the table, but that still could not have felt good!

Pro wrestler Dustin Rhodes body slams Williamson Deputy Hernandez after Hernandez achieved a fundraising goal (Williamson County Sheriff’s Dept.)

Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody tweeted the video along with, “OUCH!!! Deputy Hernandez agreed to have @dustinrhodes body slam him into a table if he met his goal for @StBaldricks! Well, the wait is over! Here you have it! Thank you for your support! @Zolo2442 #LivePDNation”

The deputy jumped right back up moments after hitting the ground and hugged Rhodes.

As for the table, well, they’re going to need to replace that one.