FORT WORTH, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Authorities say a man bought Fort Worth residents’ credit cards from a mail carrier and used those cards to make fraudulent purchases worth about $374,000, according to criminal complaint.

Authorities say Loragecar Figaro conspired with another person to possess stolen mail, which he is said to have bought from a United States Postal worker.

The entire incident started in December 2018, according to authorities, when Chase Bank flagged numerous cases of fraud relating to credit cards that were mailed in the 76133 zip code of Fort Worth. Authorities say the cards were stolen from the mail and used to make the fraudulent purchases.

The U.S. postal inspector in charge of the case said they were soon able to identify the mail carrier assigned to the questioned route.

The carrier told the inspector that he had met a man known as “Figero” who asked the carrier to steal the credit cards from the mail for him. The carrier had agreed to do it, and he started stealing the credit cards during his route. The two people in question would then meet so Figaro could get the cards.

On Feb. 21, authorities said they set up an operation to catch Figaro as the carrier met with him in Arlington to give him some credit cards. Authorities witnessed Figaro getting into the carrier’s vehicle at a gas station and then going back into another vehicle being driven by someone else.

Authorities were able to stop Figaro’s vehicle before it left the parking lot. Special agents found Figaro with three pieces of mail in his pocket, and that mail was found to have credit cards inside of them.

The inspector said Figaro had given the carrier $200 for the three credit cards.

Authorities also found two other stolen credit cards inside Figaro’s vehicle along with seven cell phones.

Figaro was arrested at that scene along with Roderick Deshun Turknett, who was arrested for outstanding warrants in Arlington.

Authorities said Figaro is believed to have conspired with another person to possess, steal or receive stolen mail.

The mail carrier was not named in the complaint, and authorities have not said what, if any, charges he may face.