DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Members of Congress from North Texas have no shortage of opinions after the release of the Mueller report.

Democratic Congressman Marc Veasey, whose district runs from Fort Worth to Dallas, criticized Attorney General William Barr for putting a spin on the findings. “I was really stunned by a lot of what I heard. It seems like he was there to more represent Trump than he was to give an honest, objective opinion.”

Veasey said he’s pleased the House Judiciary Committee has invited Robert Mueller to testify. “What his findings are, were there things his team found troubling that were inside the report? I think will help bring a certain level of clarity and again transparency a redacted report just won’t bring.”

Republican Congressman Roger Williams, whose district extends from south of Austin to Burleson, said the major findings backed up what he thought all along. “I think America should be excited about this report. Yes, the President, there was no collusion. A lot of us felt that from day one. But even more, is that there were no Americans who got themselves involved with the Russians to change the election. I think it’s a good thing.”

Democratic Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson of Dallas tweeted Thursday, “It is clear from even this redacted version of the Mueller report that the President of the United States and his campaign engaged in wrongdoing – involving both his campaign’s connections to Russian interference in the 2016 election and the obstruction of justice.”

Republican Congressman Lance Gooden of Dallas sent this tweet: “Enough with the endless partisan investigations. It’s time to move on to legislating, which is what we were all sent here to do.”

Republican Congressman Michael Burgess of Lewisville tweeted, “It is unfortunate that Democrats will continue to oppose the President, regardless of Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation and findings. For the good of the country, we need to move on and address the real issues facing our nation.”

President Trump referred to the Game of Thrones in a tweet Thursday morning which said, “No collusion. No obstruction. For the haters and the radical left Democrats – Game Over.”

Veasey wasn’t amused. “He’s not  a Lanister, he’s not Stark. He’s the President of the United States and he needs to take this seriously.”

Williams agreed with his Republican colleagues. “Time to move on, and get involved. Get concerned where we are with our economy, where are we with the strength of our military, where are we on energy, the things that make this country the greatest in the world. Let’s begin to move in that direction.”

Some Democrats have said they favored impeaching President Trump, but not Veasey. “Very divisive right now, and I don’t see it happening. As the Speaker said, he’s not worth it.”

Veasey said Democrats need to focus their efforts on finding a candidate who will defeat President Trump in 2020.

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