FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Fort Worth Fire Department dive teams started a search for a father and son who went into the water of a large quarry late Saturday evening. Divers have stopped their search for the evening and are expected to resume Sunday morning.

Officials say the two men “apparently drowned” in the rock quarry in the 2200 block of Silver Creek. Divers had a tough time searching due to the water being “pitch black, 15 degree[s]… at 50-100 ft of depth.”

Officials say the incident involves a father and son. According to officials, one of them reportedly fell into the water and the other tried to go in and rescue him.

Officials say the divers were in recovery mode as they searched for the victims.

Due to the late night hours and the difficulty of seeing in the area, divers have stopped their search and are expected to resume Sunday morning.