DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Stagflation, productivity and macroeconomics.

These are all topics typically rare in teenage conversations, unless you’re a part of the Euro Challenge team at DISD’s School of Business Management at Townview.​

With Italy as their assignment, the team’s research for the competition encourages them to seek solutions to economic issues from a European perspective.​

“When I went there, I didn’t really see all the struggles they had,” shared Andrew Anyanwu, a junior at Townview. “You see the fancy infrastructure and the artwork, you don’t see the homeless people and their dying economy. “​

The Townview team has been the best in Texas for the past two years. They’ll advance to the semi-final round in New York City next week.​

Euro Challenge team at DISD’s School of Business Management at Townview (DISD)

“I think the bottom line is this: the private schools usually win these types of competition because of who they have access to,” says macroeconomics and history teacher Scott Roman. “What we’re trying to prove, and what we have proven for the past two years, is that when our students have the same access that they have, we can compete with anybody.”​

Euro Challenge team members are sophomores, so juniors return to help coach and encourage.​

“I had never really been outside of my neighborhood until this competition happened,” says student Marco Aguirre, who lives in Oak Cliff. Aguirre made the trip to the New York round last year. “It opened my mind to things around me. I’m not thinking there’s people struggling in NY, people struggling in CA, all around the world, and we can make a difference.”​

School of Business Management Principal Michele Broughton says she is ecstatic that kids from Oak Cliff will get to go to New York City and shine.​

“This is a testament to the values we have instilled in them,” says Broughton. “We want them to go off and be those change agents.”​

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is hosting next week’s semi-final round. Two winning teams will receive cash and a trip to Washington, D.C.​