DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The city of Dallas blames an obstruction in its sewer system for flooding Parking Garage A at Dallas Love Field this week.

After heavy rain Tuesday night, about 70 vehicles parked in the lower level of the garage were partly or completely submerged by Wednesday morning.

Dallas Love Field Parking Garage A flooded on Monday (CBS 11)

The city’s Director of Aviation, Mark Duebner said, “One of the outfall gates may have been closed somewhat during the event which would have restricted the normal flow and that’s what caused the water to back up. It had nowhere to go and it began to back up and pool into the lower level of Garage A.”

Duebner said it’s part of an automated system that opens and closes the gates.

Council Member Lee Kleinman, who chairs the Mobility Solutions, Infrastructure and Sustainability committee, said a sensor indicated everything was working properly. “This one sounds like an odd incident where we had one of our outfall Gates didn’t open appropriately even though it was indicating it was open.”

This wasn’t the first time Garage A flooded.

Duebner said it happened April 13 after heavy rain, but there was a different cause. “After that event, we looked at all the storm drain, the inlets, cleaned them out, we removed some debris. We removed it and we thought the system was going to perform normally.”

Kleinman said as part of its routine maintenance program, the city visually inspected the outfall gate in question before both flooding incidents this month, and that it was operating properly.

Duebner said, “The gates all showed to be in the fully opened position on the 13th and the 23rd.

On Friday afternoon, tow truck operators continued removing cars from the garage.

Chris Chappell said his Lexus was under water.

It now sits on his driveway as a total loss. “It has distinct water marks and the main thing is because its drainage water, it has a very terrible smell almost like sewage.”

The city is keeping the affected part of the garage closed indefinitely until there’s a permanent fix in place.

Owners whose vehicles were flooded can call the Love Field Communications Center at 214-670-LOVE.