(CBS 11) – I “discovered” today that after five months, the car I bought for myself last fall has an HD Radio installed. What does that mean? It means that a listener can access secondary radio signals in high definition off of a local radio station’s main frequency, and increases the number of available channels to listen to, and is commercial free like SIRIUS XM.

You will hear songs not played on a station’s main channel. And that’s where today’s song came from.

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Little Feat is an American rock band formed in 1969 in Los Angeles by Lowell George and Bill Payne. Their musical style was a little bit like the Allman Brothers Band: southern rock, country rock, with a little blues and jazz mixed. The other original members included Roy Estrada and Richie Hayward. George passed away in June 1979 at age 34 from a heart attack. Hayward passed away in 2010. The current members include Payne, Paul Barrerre, Sam Clayton, Kenny Gradney, Fred Tackett and Gabe Ford.

Historians tend to suggest that the group’s best years were from 1987-1993 and that’s the era our song today was produced and recorded.

“Let It Roll” is the self-named title of the group’s eight studio album, released in 1988. The song by the same name was written by Paul Barrere and Bill Payne, produced by George Massenberg and Bill Payne, and running 4:31 on the Warner Brothers label, the lyrics go like this:

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Rollin’ down highway 95
Sailin’ through her hometown countryside
Move on over stand astride
My cruise control’s in overdrive
Need to take my baby for a ride

Oh she’s like a smooth stretch of highway
Oh she’s like a cool Summer breeze
If my motor’s runnin’ right, we might lose control tonight
Got the shape I love to squeeze, looks that bring me to my knees
Oh please, let it roll tonight

Lastly, where can you hear this song? On 98.7 KLUV-FM HD3, Dallas/Fort Worth.

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Crank this one up loud!