​DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – For awhile there, he was the most wanted man in North Texas. The most wanted Dallas Stars fan to be exact.​

“Something about being there,” says the fan that we now know is Dave Friant, a Fort Worth retiree. “No, not inside. But, I was there, and I just wanted to be a part of it.”​

Even if it meant enjoying the Dallas Stars playoff game, on the plaza, in the rain– and in spite of Mrs. Friant’s warnings!​

“It’s supposed to storm!” says Dave, in a voice intended to mimic that of his wife of 46 years, Gaye. “I know that. Have umbrella. Have lounge chair. Will make it OK.”​

Dave Friant watches Stars game in the rain. (photo courtesy: Joey Stewart)

His loyalty did not go unnoticed. Several folks snapped photos of Dave sitting in the rain Wednesday night.

Joey Stewart shared the one he snapped with CBS 11.

Only then, no one knew the fan’s name. It didn’t take Twitter very long to find Dave Friant.

He says a colleague at he hospital where he volunteers helped to identify him after he’d shared that he had enjoyed the game in the rain. Since then, he’s become something of a Stars fan celebrity. He says he knows his “15 minutes” probably won’t last that long but he is enjoying it while it does!​

“I don’t want to be pinched!” exclaims Dave with an easy laugh that comes often. “I want it to continue as much as it can! It’s been tremendous.”​

And the Dallas Stars are in full agreement.​

“It’s an unbelievable display of loyalty for him to sit out there pouring rain, lightning, thundering,” says Brad Alberts, Dallas Stars President. “We obviously want these guys to be safe; but, yea we saw that, and there wasn’t even a thought to get him inside the arena on Sunday and reward him for that .”​

Gaye Friant says she didn’t give Dave the scolding he probably deserved for being out in a thunderstorm with just an umbrella.

“That didn’t surprise me that he was out in the rain, I did get nervous that he might get sick or something,” says Gaye with a chuckle that suggests ‘if only you knew!’ A few years back, Dave admits to easing his way to the American Airlines Center for a Stars game in an ice storm!​

Fortunately, no inclement weather threatens, right now, but he says he will watch Game 5 indoors, with reinforcements– while admitting that that umbrella might just be his good luck charm!​

“Well, I had it out there, they won 4-2. Should I at least keep it close to my side? I don’t have to open it up or anything,” he adds with a laugh. And when asked what he’d do if the game got tight, his response came quick: “I’m going to open that sucker up!”​

Sounds like a plan.​