FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The widow of a fallen Fort Worth officer has come up with an idea to preserve her husband’s legacy and she needs the public’s help.

It’s an idea she calls Mission 3105.

When Sabrina Hull posted a video just a few days ago she wasn’t sure it would catch fire.

But now after nearly 200,000 views in just three days, her simple request for people to perform acts of kindness in memory of her husband is getting a lot of support.

Fort Worth Police Corporal Garrett Hull was shot and killed in September 2018 while chasing down armed robbers. He was part of a team that had three suspects cornered.  Two were quickly arrested.  The FBI said the third suspect encountered Corporal Hull on a poorly lit section of street and shot him with a 9 millimeter semiautomatic handgun.

He left behind his wife and two daughters who are still facing a daily struggle to get by after losing him.

In her video, Sabrina asks anyone watching to take the time to carry out one random act of kindness every day during the 31 days during the month of May which is the fifth month of the year.

Garrett’s badge number was 3105.

Fort Worth Police Officer Garrett Hull (courtesy: Sabrina Hull)

“Every day somebody’s going through something horrible and that could just use somebody,” Sabrina Hull said. “That’s how I’ve survived these eight months, because this community and friends and strangers have rallied around me and just been kind to me.”

Hull said she came up with this idea while comforting her dying husband in his hospital room.

She’s encouraging people to post their good deeds and hashtag it with Mission 3105.


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