DFW AIRPORT (CBSDFW.COM) – A Spirit Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Tampa made an emergency landing early Sunday at DFW Airport after passengers complained about an unusual odor on board the aircraft.

Flight 1128 diverted to DFW “for a full mechanical inspection,” said Spirit Airlines spokesman Stephen Schuler.

“No injuries were reported, and the crew continued on the next flight,” Schuler said.  “We are investigating the source of the smell, and we have placed guests on another plane bound for Tampa. ”

Passengers on board told CBSDFW that many people were getting sick from the smell, and at least one person was checked out by a DFW medical team at the gate.

Credit: Emad Alayoubi

DFW Airport spokesperson Cynthia Vega confirms the plane was escorted by DPS fire crews as it landed and taxied to the gate.

She was checking on what role medical teams played in taking care of the passengers.