(CBS 11) – Do you know who owns the United Kingdom’s #1 hit music station? The British government, who owns and manages the operations of the British Broadcasting Corporation, or commonly known as the BBC.

The first encounter I had with the BBC was as a kid listening to shortwave radio and their station on that band called, “BBC World Service.” These stations operate with tremendous transmitter power (around 250,000 watts) and on radio frequencies that are designated for this type of service. I use to love hearing the “presenters” (as they are called there) doing the news. The men sounded like they were in tuxedos and the women in ballroom gowns… at some swanky affair, but in reality sitting in a radio studio!

BBC disc jockey, 21 year-old Noel Edmunds in the Paris Cinema studio in Lower Regent Street. Noel is to take over Kenny Everett’s spot on Radio 1, Everett was dismissed by the BBC following his broadcast jibe about the advanced driving test of Mrs Peyton, wife of the Minister of Transport. (Photo by Wesley/Keystone/Getty Images)

BBC Radio 1 launched on September 30, 1967 as a counter to pirate radio stations who were programming to young audiences. They became 24/7 in May 1991. If you compared them to American radio stations who target young audiences, it would be similar to WHTZ/New York (Z100), KIIS Los Angeles, or KLIF-FM and KHKS in Dallas (Hot 933 and 106.1 KISS-FM).

Last year, Radio 1 announced a new weekend “breakfast” show team consisting of Matt Emondson and Mollie King. These two can be heard Fridays-Sunday from 6 a.m. -10 a.m. (London time).

Emondson (born December 27, 1985) has, in addition to a radio background, experience with ITV2 and hosted “The Xtra Factor Live” on that network. King (born Mollie Elizabeth King on June 4, 1987) is a singer/songwriter/model/dancer as well as a radio/television presenter (or host). She also has been a part of the girl group “The Saturdays.”

These two personalities work very well together and they are just plain funny and very likable.

The clip I had originally planned to use is hilarious but that some readers might not find totally appropriate, so enjoy this clip with actor Bryan Cranston! The humour is very British!!

Bryan Cranston pranks UK pop star Mollie King