(KDKA/CBS Local) — A massive 2,137-pound great white shark has been spotted off a popular beach Pittsburgh residents tend to flock to.

Researchers with Osearch say the 15-foot shark named Luna “pinged in” off the coast of the Carolinas last week, near Charleston.

Osearch researchers say Luna looked to be headed towards North Carolina’s Outer Banks area.

The shark reportedly swam down the coast from Nova Scotia, to Florida, and then made a u-turn towards the Outer Banks.

Researchers say Luna isn’t the only shark that has been spotted off the coast.

Two other female sharks also pinged in the area.

Caroline, a nearly 13-foot long shark was off the coast of Georgia, and Miss May, a 10-foot long shark was off the coast of Daytona Beach, FL.

Researchers say believe Luna and the other sharks being tracked are doing what sharks do best, feasting on fish being pulled north by the Gulf Stream.