DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A juvenile carjacking suspect is in Dallas Police custody after crashing an SUV into a barbershop in the 5700 block of E. Mockingbird Lane on Friday afternoon.

The carjacking victim and one of the customers at Floyd’s 99 Barbershop were rushed to the hospital.

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Another customer was treated at the scene.

SUV crashes into Floyd’s 99 Barbershop in Dallas (Andrea Lucia – CBS 11)

Police said before the juvenile took off in the SUV,  the victim confronted the suspect which led to a physical fight.

The suspect placed the vehicle in drive and floored the gas pedal, resulting in him dragging and running over the victim.

That’s when the SUV crashed into the barbershop.

“Everyone was just sitting there so quietly and then, crash,” said stylist Zofya Laz.

Laz and her customer, L.A. Wickham were just feet from where it happened.

“Saw a car just coming toward the window. I started to shout, ‘watch Ou’t and then they just hit,” said Wickham.

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Witnesses said three teens stole the keys from a woman working outside and jumped into her SUV.

She reached in through the driver side door, trying to stop them.

She was dragged for about five to ten feet and then took the rear tire straight up her,” said Wickham. “There was a straight tire mark all the way down the side of her body.”

The crash impact sent two customers who were sitting in the shop, flying forward.

A customer who was in the barbershop with his young daughter said he ran after the driver.

He helped alert police to where the teen was hiding and watched them arrest him.