DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – During a visit to Dallas to sign five bills into law aimed at cracking down on human trafficking and eliminating the rape kit backlog, CBS 11’s Jack Fink asked Governor Greg Abbott about the spike in homicides in the city of Dallas.

41 people were killed in May due to “homicidal violence” according to the Dallas Police Department.

Governor Abbott responded by offering up help to Dallas Police from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

“We experienced this three years ago in Dallas and at the time I offered the support and aid of the Texas Department of Public Safety to help the Dallas Police Department crack down on what was then a spike in murders. I offer the same thing right now,” Gov. Abbott said. “I will make the resources of the state of Texas and the Texas Department of Public Safety available to Dallas to ensure that they have every resource and tool they need to address this challenge and quell any increase in murders in Dallas.”

Governor Greg Abbott speaks during news conference in Dallas (CBS 11)

Last May there were 15 homicides in Dallas. The 41 homicides this May numbers not seen since the early 1990s, Dallas Police said last week.

The Dallas Police Department is also forming a homicide response team comprised of officers in other units such as SWAT, Fugitive, Fusion and Disruption who will respond to some murder scenes.

Mayor Mike Rawlings issued the following statement on the matter last week:

“I’m concerned about the recent spike in murders and other violent crimes. Dallas police officials have briefed me regarding comprehensive crime response plans and I am pleased with their multi-pronged strategy. Our police officers are working around the clock, as they always do, to keep the people of Dallas safe.”

Governor Abbott added on Tuesday, “One murder is one too many.  Any increase in the number of murders is a cautionary flag.