DALLAS, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – After a heated bidding war, a Robert E. Lee statue removed per city council vote from a Dallas park in 2017 now has a new owner.

A bidder only known as “LawDude” bought it for $1,435,000.

Another bidder, “MustangJerry,” who was the first to bid at $450,000 topped out at $1,432,500 after placing 20 bids.

The council voted earlier in 2019 to sell the 1936 Alexander Phimister Proctor, ”Robert E. Lee and the Confederate Soldier” sculpture at auction for no less than $450,000.

That amount allows the city to recoup the funds spent to take the statue down.

(credit: CBSDFW.COM)


Comments (9)
  1. Clint Johnson says:

    I am guessing the councilmen of Dallas will be making a donation to the ISIS welfare fund, or maybe The Taliban College Fund.

  2. Doug Hesson says:

    The people who demanded that the statues be removed should have to pay for the removal.

  3. Patti Jo Justice says:

    Its a damn shame that everyone is letting domestic terrorist run this county with removal of monuments to our dead families..next they will be wanting to remove WWI, WWII, Vietnam etc…just wait and see..

  4. Stephen Lawrence says:

    To remove your past and rewrite history is communism.

    1. Eric Koszyk says:

      Your comment is particularly hilarious due to how former Soviet controlled nations (Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, etc etc) started tearing down their Soviet and communist statues immediately after the Soviet Union disbanded. I’m sure you would cheer on the people of Poland for doing so. So would I.

      But here you are attacking Americans because they chose to take down statues of traitors, people who fought for a government which killed more U.S. soldiers than any other in history.

      If you don’t see the irony of that….

  5. Ion Draghici says:

    I remember how the bulldozers in the communist countries destroyed the cemeteries where the heroes of the Gentiles lived, but I would never have thought that , today , this would be the same here ! Wake up Americans ! Wake up ! Now or never !

  6. Virginia McPhaul says:

    I am really tired of my ancestors being called traitors. Did the man who wanted to melt the statue get it? What is going to happen to it?

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