(CBS 11) – No, this is not about food nor steaks cooked out on the grill!

The T-Bones were a 1960s instrumental group from Los Angeles.

Members included Danny Hamilton (guitar), Joe Frank Carollo (bass), and Tommy Reynolds (drums). Also included was Dave Pell. These guys later became Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds with such hits as “Don’t Pull Your Love” and “Fallin’ In Love,” the latter being a #1 hit in the summer of 1975.

Reynolds left the group in the 1972, replaced by Alan Dennison, but the group kept the name the same. Hamilton passed away on December 23, 1994 at age 48.

As the T-Bones, they are member of the “One Hit Wonder” club with “No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach’s In)” from the fall of 1965.

The song was written based on melody from an Alka Seltzer commercial. It hit #3 on the American Billboard and was on the charts for eleven weeks.

There is some question as to who actually wrote the song, either Granville Sascha Burland or Lew Bedell (the latter named credited for the song by ASCAP). It was produced by Joe Saraceno on the Liberty Records label, running 2:15.

A side note: The T-Bones was a stage name for the group The Wrecking Crew!

No lyrics, just a successful Top 40 instrumental from 1965!