DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM)Following up on his statement during a news conference in Dallas on Tuesday, Governor Greg Abbott has directed the Texas Department of Public Safety to provide direct support to the Dallas Police Department in their efforts to reduce violent crime and protect the communities in and around the city.

Governor Greg Abbott speaks during news conference in Dallas (CBS 11)

According to Governor Abbott’s office, the move comes at the request of Dallas Police Chief U. Reneé Hall.

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall (CBS 11)

“As Governor, my first priority will always be the safety of all Texans,” said Governor Abbott. “As such, I am directing the Texas Department of Public Safety to assist the Dallas Police Department in their efforts to reduce the surge in violent crime that is afflicting the city. The Dallas Police Department is committed to doing all they can to crack down on criminal activity, and Texas will dedicate whatever resources are needed to help keep our communities safe.”

DPS will work with the Dallas Police Department, the Dallas County District Attorney, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and other law enforcement partners to enhance the safety and security of Dallas communities.

DPS will deploy additional Troopers, Special Agents, aviation personnel and aircraft, analysts and communications operators to provide direct assistance to the Dallas Police Department to combat this surge in crime.

In addition, at the Dallas Police Department’s request, the Texas Rangers will provide investigative support for homicides.

DPS’s regional command staff is coordinating with the Dallas PD to provide them with any resources they need.

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall was joined Friday by Dallas District Attorney John Creuzot, Dallas County Sheriff Marian Brown and U.S Attorney Erin Nealy Cox in the announcement of the crime fighting campaign.

“We are here to say we’re done,” Chief Hall said during the news conference.

Hall said a surge a violent crime led to the preparation of partnering with other agencies to assist Dallas Police in identified violent crime areas.

Within the past month, Dallas police categorized 41 deaths as homicides. Malik Tyler, 13, became the latest victim.

The Southeast Dallas Middle School student was walking with friends from a convenience store at Bruton and St. Augustine on Tuesday.

A gunfight erupted outside the store. A bullet killed Tyler.

His death came 48 hours after 56-year-old Sheila Sanders died after gunmen started shooting outside a car wash in the Fair Park area on Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard.

Eight designated areas of the city will receive heavy law enforcement concentration.

“We are publicly asking that we not lose one more father, one more mother, one more daughter, or one more son to this senseless violence”, Dallas County Sheriff Brown said during the news conference.


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