DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Harsh words and a public call Wednesday for the immediate removal of Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall by a number of her officers.

The National Latino Law Enforcement Organization’s Dallas Chapter is calling their boss “incompetent.”

The group says it represents 1,400 of the departments 2,900 officers.

During a news conference Wednesday, the association said Chief Hall is “in over her head” and should step down or be fired by City Manager T.C. Broadnax.

The officers who lead the association cited a number of incidents including the recent spike in violent crime and the Chief’s controversial comments about it.

They say Chief Hall showed soon after she was hired in 2017 that did not have the officer’s best interest by demoting well-liked assistant chiefs, by posing for a photo with a community activist whose downtown march in 2016 led to the deadly July 7 ambush.

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall (CBS 11)

They say she disgraced the department. by posing gangster style for a local magazine article and ignored policies by taking sides against officers in the Amber Guyger shooting of Botham Jean.

She’s in over her head,” said George Aranda of NLLEO. “She fails to listen to rank-and-file she doesn’t wanna take any advice from the organizations I mean we are the pulse of the police department.”

When police chiefs don’t play well with associations the associations go on attack,” said Terrance Hopkins, President of the Black Police Association. “I do my business a totally different way my job is to work with the chief of police and the city to make this thing better.”

The civil rights group that backs Chief Hall calls this a calculated attack.

Here is the full statement from the Black Police Association President:

The Black Police Association of Greater Dallas is firm and unwavering in its support of Police Chief Hall. We feel Chief Hall has been under an orchestrated attack ever since her hire.  Chief Hall inherited one of the most volatile police departments of all times and has done a stellar job attempting to right this troubled ship.

It is always a challenge for those who stand for right when others do not. I encourage the citizens of Dallas, the Dallas City Council, the City Manager’s Office, and the Office of the Mayor to continue to support this chief, who has done nothing but attempt to make the proper changes to not only clean the Dallas Police Department but to promote it in a positive light.

City Manager T.C. Broadnax released the following statement of support for Chief Hall.

I am confident that Chief Hall and the dedicated officers of the Dallas Police Department are focused and committed to ensuring that the safety of our residents is a top priority.

Chief Hall’s strategic approach to restructuring DPD has helped maximize resources and align the department to be more responsive to the needs of our community. Through her leadership, Chief Hall has worked to improve efficiencies within the department, provide high quality service to every Dallas resident, enhance the department’s community engagement and outreach efforts, and address crime more proactively.

As I have previously shared, Chief Hall has my continued support, and I have full confidence in her ability to continue leading the department.


Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall Denies She, DPD Are Soft On Crime Amid Spike In Murders

Comments (8)
  1. Brian Maziasz says:

    Latino Police Association , Black Police Association….Sounds like there is too much divide and not enough unity in the Dept. Why can’t there just be one Police Association ? This sounds like it falls on the Chief also, can’t unify the troops !

  2. Ray Audette says:

    When you import police policies from Detroit, you have to expect the same results they get using them. This is not rocket science people!

  3. The last group of people I want to hear from are whining anchors babies who need to be deported. You have a lot of nerve to demand anything when you should be deported. I can’t wait until President Donald Trump signs that executive order revoking the citizenships of anchor babies. Dallas, Texas will finally have a lower crime rate. When President Donald Trump starts his take no prisoner deportation of illegal aliens and anchor babies Dallas, Texas and the state of Texas will finally have a lower crime rate. My hometown Chicago, Illinois more than half the population are illegal aliens and anchor babies. 10% of the blacks 90% of Asians and Hispanics and 50% of whites are illegal aliens and anchor babies. Just think of the lower unemployment rates and lower crime and better schools this will bring.

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