WEATHERFORD, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Already known as a mecca for moms running errands, a Target in Weatherford is receiving even more praise for its empathetic approach to breastfeeding.

The store placed a framed sign telling milk mommas they’re “free to nurse wherever and whenever you like” while shopping because “#momsrock.”

(courtesy: Facebook)

It also reminds those who prefer “a comfy (or more private) spot to nurse or change a diaper, please ask our Fitting Room Attendant about our Nursing Room! A peaceful spot to take a break during your Target Run — and it’s even stocked with some free goodies to make you and baby’s time there even sweeter. Happy Nursing, and Happy Shopping!”

Someone posted a photo of the sign (what modern-day mom doesn’t have her cell phone handy?) to a Facebook group called Breastfeeding Mama Talk.

The image has since taken off, with thousands of mothers applauding the store.

One mother of two commented, “When I was nursing I would use Target’s dressing rooms. I was given a pillow, water and snacks. They even kept my older child occupied so i could nurse in peace!”

Another mom shared her experience, “I’ve nursed all of my babies in my hometown target. I always use the dressing room because I can sit and be comfy. They’ve always made sure to give me the big one so we had plenty of room and they’ve always been so supportive. Way to go Target!”

The viral post popped little more than a month before August, which is National Breastfeeding Month. All month long, people around the world celebrate the proven benefits of breastfeeding, while continuing the fight to ensure women have the support they need to breastfeed.