By Andrea Lucia

TERRELL, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Reggie Finch was headed to work from the bank when he noticed something missing.

“I’m like… I have the check. I have everything. But I don’t have this bag with the money in it,” he said.

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An assistant director at the nonprofit Soul’s Harbor, Finch helps recovering drug addicts and former inmates avoid homelessness.

But more than $2,000 he collected on a Friday last month suddenly disappeared.

Finch called up Buc-ees, one of the few places he’d stopped. A manager here checked security cameras and explained what had happened.

“What you did is you put your bank bag on top of the car, opened it up, put your stuff in – and we were all pulling for you, we were all pulling for you – you got on the car and the bank bag was still on top,” he said.

Finch started searching for where the bag might have fallen.

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“Then I find my bag and the bottom had busted out,” he said.

Finch found several bills near a manhole and assumed the money had gone literally down the drain, but the following Monday, he got a call.

Two TxDOT workers had found the cash in a pile on the side of the road and turned it over to police.

Pile of cash recovered (courtesy: TxDOT)

“I just started crying. I did. I started crying,” he said. “That’s like finding a pot of gold. These two wonderful men said, ‘somebody must be looking for this’.”

The workers did not want to do an interview for this story, saying they were just doing their job, but Finch said they act of kindness gives him hope.

“That just told me there was a greater good going on.”

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