(CBSDFW.COM) – Texans who are still trying to digest the news of Whataburger’s sale to Chicago-based BDT Capital Partners, may have yet another reason to cringe.

RAYGUN, the Iowa-based “greatest store in the universe” which sells merchandise demonstrating pride in their home region, recently launched a T-shirt that that may not garner too many laughs in Texas.

“Chicago’s most famous Texas hamburger chain,” the shirt touts, with a Whataburger logo. “(As of June 2019).”

Whataburger Chicago T-shirt (courtesy: RAYGUN)

RAYGUN promoted the shirts on its website and social media pages, capitalizing on Texas “flipping out,” as the screenshots of headlines they re-posted read.

They joked that Whataburger should serve pizza, hot dogs, have Old Style beer on tap and “Fly the W” after a Cubs wins.

One commenter on RAYGUN’s Instagram page said, “Love this. After moving from Chicago to Austin last week, my new co-workers are glaring at me as if I made the sale happen.”

Another person, likely speaking for many Texans, said, “That’s just mean. Not cool, raygun. Not cool.”

The Whataburger Chicago T-shirt sells for $23.