DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (CBSDFW.COM) — After the mysterious deaths of at least ten Americans on Dominican Republic soil, Delta Airlines is now allowing some passengers to cancel their trips to Punta Cana.

Within the last year, several American tourists have died while on trips to the island, with their causes of death not entirely adding up. Ultimately concerning other travelers who planned on visiting.

The Dominican Republic’s tourism minister claims the country is still safe for tourists — saying the deaths are all due to natural causes.

Not wanting to jeopardize her childrens’ lives, Ranjeeta Rath recently cancelled a family trip to the Dominican Republic due to the violence. She said she began to grow suspicious after all of the deaths were seemingly caused by alcohol.

“Why would I choose to go to a dangerous place right now,” she asked rhetorically. “I definitely understand the concern so I would say if you go just make sure you’re very careful in what you consume because that’s what we hear is going on.”

At the time, Rath was only able to get a refund on her hotel stay, but not her airfare.

Now, Delta says it will work with passengers on a case-by-case basis for other destinations in the Dominican Republic.