FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) — An arrest warrant was issued for a murder suspect accused of killing a 48-year-old Fort Worth man Friday night.

The warrant for Aaron Dennison, 47, was issued Saturday morning.

Aaron Dennison mugshot (Courtesy: Tarrant County Jail)

According to the affidavit, around 7:11 p.m. June 12, officers were dispatched to 5237 Ivywood Ln. in report of a cutting.

When officers arrived, they were directed by a female witness to the apartment where the crime occurred. Dennison, who was standing on the apartment’s balcony, told an officer that the stabbing was in self-defense.

Dennison proceeded to tell the officer that the victim had been choking him while they were in the living area of the apartment, and that’s when he grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed him.

However, after a look through the apartment, officers discovered no obvious blood in the kitchen or living area where Dennison initially placed the stabbing. Police said the blood and evidence of the stabbing appeared to be isolated in a bedroom.

After inspecting the victim’s body, police determined the victim was stabbed multiple times. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Upon further investigation, police spoke to a male witness, who was also present at the apartment during the crime.

The witness stated his birthday was Friday and that he, the victim, Dennison and the other female witness were at his apartment. He said Dennison wanted to engage in an activity in the bedroom that was not reciprocated, angering Dennison.

The affidavit stated Dennison was acting aggressively afterward, grabbed two kitchen knives and proceeded toward the bedroom where the victim was located.

Both witnesses said they attempted to stop Dennison.

After changing his story during an interrogation, Dennison acknowledged the victim did not pursue him in the bedroom and never presented a weapon of any kind, the affidavit said.