If you know anything about 101.1 WCBS-FM in New York, it’s that weekday personalities openings are rare. And when they are, they are usually filled with top shelf talent. Race Taylor is one of them!

I first heard him on afternoons in Dallas on iHeart Radio’s Mix 102.9 (KDMX-FM and now promoted as 1-0-2-9 NOW). In that day, I had a 45-minute commute home from my office in downtown Dallas at KDFW FOX 4. I routinely listened to Race as I was dealing with traffic. He was just phenomenal! By the late 1990’s, he jumped to New York’s WPLJ when it was a Hot AC station and the morning show was hosted by Scott Shannon. When it was announced earlier this year that WPLJ had been sold and the new owners would flip the format to religion, the opportunity to join CBS-FM became available to him. This is a radio personality with a strong base of loyal listeners in New York, along with CBS-FM being a legacy radio station.

He also can be heard on WRRM/Cincinnati middays.

Listen to this recent interview with Race about his career with WPLJ.