By Jeff Ray

You know, in the big picture of things the heat this summer has been rather tame. Just compare the average temperature at DFW since June 1st with last year.

A couple of other points on the graphic above: Last year was the 6th hottest start to summer in the 120-year record. This year is the COOLEST start to summer since 2004 (15 years). Hot summers are the new normal here in north Texas. When we take a look at the hottest summers on record, 10 of the top 20 have occurred since 1998.

The hottest day we’ve had so far at DFW is 98°, we might just up that mark this weekend. Highs today and tomorrow are expected to top off in the upper 90s. We could have a few locations across north Texas heat 100° on Sunday in fact. Its been 336 days since the last time we’ve suffered a 100° degree day (or higher) at DFW.


There is a classic “Ring of Fire” weather pattern set up over the eastern 2/3rds of the United States. This is when a large area of High Pressure anchors itself of the Central Midwest. This sets up persistent storms over the northern tier of states and over the Gulf coast as the clockwise circulation drives a wet pattern over the same areas for days as a time. Meanwhile under the high pressure and on its eastern side hot weather locks in.

Heat Warnings and Advisories are in effect today and tomorrow over most of the Midwest and East Coast. Records are breaking along the East Coast:

But something rare (for July) and wonderful is about to happen. The heat takes a brief holiday. We’ll have a cold front come through north Texas on the afternoon on Monday. While highs will still reach in the mid-90s (depending on when the front arrives in your neighborhood), we’ll be MUCH cooler on Tuesday and Wednesday. Clouds and a north wind teamed up with lower humidity will create a major break from the typical July heat. This is a rare event in July indeed; the last time we got back-to-back days in the 80s at DFW was in 2014! With the front also comes a rain chance, it looks like Monday night into early Tuesday will be the best chance your yard gets some free water:

All good things come to an end of course. After the nice break from July the hot weather returns by next weekend. There is a small rain chance next Saturday as it looks now (subject to change of course this far out) but after that, big heat returns. Likely our first run of 100 degree days isn’t far behind.

July and August are the hottest months of the year here in north Texas. But time is on our side (literally). Since the Summer Solstice back in June the days continue to get shorter. We’ve lost almost 20 minutes of daylight since then with today logging exactly 14hours between sunrise and sunset. By late August we’ve lost another hour, by late September we’ve lost two. Daylight keeps getting smaller all the way till the Winter Solstice in late December.