DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – There was comfort and encouragement Tuesday for the family of former Dallas City Councilwoman Carolyn Davis and her daughter.

Davis was laid to rest along with her daughter, Melissa Nunn-Davis.

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Funeral for Carolyn Davis and Melissa Nunn-Davis (CBS 11)

They were killed in a wrong way crash last week that police have blamed on a driver who was allegedly high on drugs, and who has a history of DWI convictions.

“I was struggling with what I needed to say,” shared Dr. Jerry L. Christian, Sr. Pastor Kirkwood Temple CME Church during the eulogy.

“My anger wanted me to lash out at the perpetrator. My hurt wanted me to say and do something not in tune with my character. When I went to see the family, I wanted to turn and run away and hide, but the God in me, wouldn’t allow me to do any of that. The spirit spoke to me and said just tell the family, the friends and the loved ones…’that, this, too shall pass’.”

The homegoing celebration moved from Davis’ home church, Kirkwood Temple CME to the Inspiring Body of Christ Church in Oak Cliff to accommodate the expected larger crowds.

At times, the service took on the jubilant tone of Sunday worship– and those who knew Davis say she would have wanted it that way.

“Carolyn would be disappointed if I didn’t preach a little while like Sunday morning,” said Rev. Christian, explaining his emotional filled eulogy say saying “I need to preach a little while for Carolyn.”

Davis was remembered by many at the service as being committed to her faith, her family and her community.

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“She belonged to us,” said Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price. “She drew no distinction between the high and the low, no distinction between the rich and the poor. She believed especially that she was sent to champion the causes of lowest among us.”

Commissioner Price among a who’s who of Dallas County political leaders, present and past, who shared how Davis fought for a safer, more prosperous South Dallas and backed down to no one.

Former Councilwoman Diane Ragsdale, Davis’ political mentor, had the crowd laughing when she recalled being confronted by a man unhappy with their efforts to pass new zoning laws to help the community shut down nuisance businesses.

“We were confronted by a 6 foot tall white man who wanted to get in our face about #PD595,” recalled Ragsdale. “Now, I thought I was bad. But, Carolyn– all of her 5’3″–moved toward him like a pit bull. Lock jaw and biting stance.”

The laughter at the funeral mingled easily with the tears.

“I’m a miss her, but I know she’s in a better place,” shared one of Melissa Nunn-Davis’ cousins before dissolving into tears, “and she’s gone, but never forgotten.”

In spite of the shock and heartache, the family is also comforted that mother and daughter are still together. District 8 Councilman Tennell Atkins shared a touching story of Davis’ worry about her daughter’s mental health struggles. They had both spoken publicly about the issue, but Davis clearly had a mother’s worry in private.

“Often she would tell me in private, ‘I know if something happened to me, no one can take care of her, like I can. I would hate to leave her,’ but there is a blessing even in tragedy,” shared Atkins. “So I can tell you today Carolyn, you were only part right. No one could take care of your daughter like she could, but God can take care of her better. Not only did he take care of her, he also took care of Carolyn.”

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“They were together in church, they were together in their struggles,” said Dr. Christian during his eulogy. “They were together in death and now they are together in eternity forever.”