DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) — With just seconds to go before flames engulfed an SUV July 24, two Dallas bike officers and a security guard jumped in to save the driver.

Today, the officers came out with the details of the close call, and the Christmas gift that may have helped save a life.

Dallas officers Scott Ash and Jeffrey Kilzer heard the crash from only a block away.

“It sounded like a dumpster had almost come off a parking garage,” Ash said.

The officers were on patrol early Wednesday morning when an SUV slammed into a brick building. Kilzer said the smoke got his attention and adrenaline going.

Investigators of the crash said the driver was likely speeding and under the influence when he jumped over a planter and smashed into the window of the building.

The driver was underneath the steering wheel and didn’t have a seatbelt on. The officers didn’t know what injuries the driver had but knew they had to get him out of the car.

However, with the doors locked and the driver unresponsive — time was running out.

And when a flashlight didn’t do the trick — Kilzer remembered a glass breaking tool he got for Christmas.

“I started carrying it. My wife gave it to me,” he said.

After they had access to the driver, the officers realized they needed back up. That’s when security guard Matt Oldham stepped in.

“I couldn’t not get involved,” Oldham said.

Oldham helped the officers pull the driver to safety from a narrow crevice, with a brick wall and cacti planters in the way.

Together, they saved the driver’s life.

Kilzer and Scott have been partners for six years and said they did enjoy a high five after the job was done.

“It’s not hero stuff, it’s just helping people,” Ash said.

The Dallas Police Department said the driver will be charged with DWI.