MESQUITE (CBSDFW.COM) — The unarmed man shot by former Mesquite Police Officer Derick Wiley, spoke for the first time Friday after a Dallas County jury found Wiley not guilty of aggravated assault.

Lyndo Jones said he’s very disappointed, mad and heartbroken about the not-guilty verdict.

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He also said he felt that he was the one on trial.

“The verdict — it wasn’t fair,” Jones said. “I feel like everything was about me, my past, and that it had nothing to do with him shooting me right then, that’s how I feel.”

After the verdict was announced Monday, Wiley left the courtroom relieved, telling reporters, “I want to pray for Mr. Jones. I just want my life back. I’m just so glad it’s over with.”

Jones responded that he, too, wanted his life back.

“I want my life back, too,” he said. “I see your face every night, you coward. You shot me. I want my life back, too. No nightmares, jumping up out of my sleep.”

Wiley’s body camera from the 2017 incident shows he shot Jones twice in the back, after he testified he feared for his life.

Authorities said Wiley mistook Jones for a burglar, while he tried to unlock his own truck.

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Jones said the pain hasn’t gone away.

“It’s recovery every day. I hurt every day,” he said.

Wiley has said he wants to be a police officer again and has appealed his termination from the Mesquite Police Department.

But Jones objected.

“You shouldn’t have no badge,” he said. “You shot a man with no weapon in his back.”

When asked what he would say to those who don’t have sympathy for him, Jones answered that he’s not asking for sympathy.

Previously, Jones filed a federal lawsuit against Wiley and the Mesquite Police Department, claiming his civil rights were violated. The judge placed that case on hold until after the outcome of the criminal trial.

Now that the trial is over, his attorneys have asked the judge to move forward with the case.

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A small gathering is planned on the front steps of the Frank Crowley Criminal Courts Building for people to show their support for Jones Friday evening.