DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Police are preparing to announce a public awareness campaign regarding aggressive enforcement of traffic laws including no riding electric scooters on sidewalks.

Scooters have always been prohibited on sidewalks in Dallas, but police have shown a high tolerance for riders who avoid the streets.

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Now riders can expect a ticket for that and other traffic violations.

Signs are going up around areas where the scooters are popular.

Dallas Police say they are getting complaints from businesses and pedestrians that the sidewalks have become a safety hazard.

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Officers have been issuing warnings over the last several weeks but plan to write more tickets to riders who break the law, treating the electric scooters like any other powered vehicle.

Thats welcome news to Blitz Moped owner Neal Wagner who says the city’s tolerance of electric scooter riders violating the rules of the road hurts his business and others.

“It’s about time,” said Wagner. “I’ve seen numerous injuries and people crashing into each other running on the sidewalk at 20 miles an hour and it’s very dangerous. We’ve seen blood spilled on the sidewalk before.”

Police will also be watching for electric scooter riders ignoring stop signs, stoplights and traveling the wrong way.

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A public service announcement video will soon be promoting this.