ARLINGTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A man suspected of killing his wife and putting her body in a home freezer, was facing a prison sentence for assaulting her and had a long history of violence, including being put on trial for murder.

A search warrant affidavit revealed more details Tuesday of how police made the grisly discovery a day earlier in a south Arlington neighborhood.

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They found Edward Rogers, 66, dead in his home from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Edward Leon Rogers, Jr. mugshot from January 2019. (Credit: Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office)

The body found in the freezer is believed to be that of his 24-year-old wife Alyssa, although the medical examiner has not positively identified the remains.

The killing came after a string of charges against Rogers dating back to last year including assault, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and violation of a protective order to stay away from his wife, who was from the Philippines.

The couple had a young son together, only a year old. Rogers’ former mother-in-law, Jackie Lee, said Alyssa had taken the boy back to the Philippines to stay with family, after the violent incidents in the home.

“I think everyone involved in this relationship was afraid one day, they would lose their life,” Lee said.

The affidavit shows Arlington police learned about the possible murder when a friend of Rogers contacted a Fort Worth police officer.

He said the retired machinist had confided in him July 25 or 26, that he was dealing with depression while going through a bad divorce. He claimed he had been falsely accused of domestic violence, and that his wife would hit herself.

Court documents, however, show prosecutors may have had cell phone video evidence of Rogers’ injuring himself in order to blame it on the woman.

Then late Sunday night, Rogers sent text messages to the friend that he wanted to go out for drinks. After picking up the friend, Rogers then claimed he forgot his wallet at home.

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The affidavit says Rogers pulled into his garage, and told his friend he had killed his wife. When the friend said he didn’t believe it, Rogers got out and walked to a freezer in the garage, opening it to show a body inside.

According to the friend, Rogers “grabbed the buttocks of the deceased person, smirked, and stated it was cold.”

He claimed he had pushed the woman, and that she hit her head on the corner of something. He also said he planned to commit suicide after writing some letters.

Lee’s daughter Jennifer was previously married to Rogers, but divorced five years ago.

“He was a very angry, manipulative man,” she said.

Lee and Jennifer Rogers both admitted to frequent violence in their relationship. They had a son together, who they said was removed from Edward Rogers’ home in October of 2018.

After the removal, Lee said Rogers threatened to kill bother her and her grandson.

She believed Rogers may have also called a family member in California, to tell them he had murdered his wife or was planning to.

Court records show Rogers’ was charged with murder in 2004 for stabbing Dwight Dorough. Lee said the two worked together, and got into a fight over union issues.

A jury handling the case though was deadlocked, and a mistrial was declared. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter, and the punishment was deferred while he served an eight-year probation term.

Arlington police records showed they had been to Rogers house a half dozen times going back to 2018, including once for a report of injury to a child.

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The Texas Department of Family Protective Services did not have any record of ever taking any legal custody of any children living in the home.