DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) — In downtown Dallas, dozens of people gathered to pray for the El Paso shooting victims and their families Sunday night. No one knew the victims, but attendees said they wanted to show the El Paso community that even from 600 miles away, their hearts are with them.

Founder of No More Violence, Patricia Allen, has helped dozens of families who lost loved ones to gun violence.

“When I’m around those families, I see those tears and I see the pain and hurt,” Allen said.

She said once again, another horrific mass shooting has happened. But this time, the suspect is from North Texas.

“This shooter in El Paso went to school in my school district and lived in the same neighborhood as my friends,” Minha Virk said. “I’m not going to mince my words, I’m incredibly angry right now.”

Virk told the crowd that at 16, she’s seen too many similar tragedies.

“When I was nine years old the school shooting in Sandy Hook happened and I remember I was confused,” she said. “I was confused that my mom was suddenly terrified every day she had to drop me off at school, and I was confused that my teacher has this anxiety in her eyes with every lockdown drill… I’m frankly incredibly disappointed to see nothing has changed.”

And Allen agrees, questioning why no changes have been made.

“My question is why,” she said. “I’m just not understanding.”

Erin Jones