UPDATE: Rangers Fan Accused Of Harassing Hispanic Family At Globe Life Park Is Banned From Home Games

ARLINGTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The Texas Rangers ball club is investigating claims that an Hispanic family was racially harassed at last Saturday night’s game at Globe Life Park.

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Jessica Romero explained on Facebook, the man behind her complained about Hispanics sitting in front of and behind him, saying he was surrounded by illegal immigrants.

After the family was taking a photo, they noticed that man was holding up his middle finger.

Romero family photo at Rangers game (courtesy: Romero family)

Romero’s husband, Ramon, said the family is startled by what they call, “blatant racism.”

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“It used to be hidden but now it’s more in the open,” said Ramon Romero. “And that’s scary, because before you go somewhere and you’re not expecting racism at a ballgame.”

The family said they’ve received an overwhelming response of positivity and love from people around the country.

The Rangers said they are looking into the incident and gave the family tickets to another game.

Here is what Jessica Romero posted on Facebook:

So at tonight’s game this couple sat behind us. We don’t usually sit in this section but I bought these tickets at the last minute so we weren’t in our usual seats
At every game Munch always likes to take a selfie when we get to our seats. As we are taking the pic I hear the guy say “let me see how I can f*** up their pic” not realizing he was talking about us until I saw the pic.
He made it perfectly clear during the 2nd inning that he is not a fan of Hispanics. And he just so happen to have a Hispanic family (us) sitting in front of him and another one sitting directly behind him. During the 2nd inning the little boy behind him who looked to be about Nomar’s age kicked the back of his chair. And for the next 3 innings I had to hear him complain about all the illegal immigrants that were surrounding him at the game. That he should kick little Speedy Gonzalez all the way back to Mexico for kicking his seat. That Trump needs to hurry and build the wall and send all these illegals back so they won’t be kicking his seat.
We left during the 5th inning.
Sadly this is not the first or the last time we will ever experience this kind of racism.

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