DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The owner of the Elan City Lights Apartments said on Wednesday, work is about to begin removing the construction crane that collapsed onto the Dallas apartment building, killing one tenant nearly two months ago.

This is welcome news to the former tenants who lived in what’s called the impact zone.

That area where the crane fell has been off limits to recovery crews collecting property out of vacated apartment units.

Joshua Gomez’s truck in Elan City Lights parking garage (CBS 11)

An email to former tenants says over the next few weeks, heavy equipment and two mobile cranes will arrive at the site to start the process of lifting the crane and debris around it out of the apartment building.

It’s a process that’s expected to take two months.

Once the crane is removed, engineers will examine the structural integrity of the building to make sure the remaining units can be safely entered to remove more property.

The crane has been untouched since it collapse from high winds during a storm on June 9.

Former tenants like Jonathan Ross who evacuated still have possessions they’ve been without almost two months.

“I still have to get my stuff back,” said Ross. “I have to schedule that on my own. For me it’s never been about the belongings, it’s not about the money, it’s just about the communication. There are people have their whole livelihood trapped in the building.”

More than 200 units in the non-impact area have been cleaned out by recovery workers and taken to a storage facility where former tenants can claim it.

Their vehicles trapped in the parking garage are another story and will likely remain there for at least another two to three months.


Nearly 2 Months After Deadly Dallas Crane Collapse, Frustrated Former Tenants Still Without Belongings, Answers