FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) — In response to the recent mass shootings, mayors across the country are coming together and asking what they can do to prevent future tragedies.

“This is the first time ​we’ve really come together and had ​a single — a couple of single ​items — that they could support,” ​Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price said.

Price is joining mayors from ​Dallas, Arlington, Plano and Rowlett.

​In total, more than 200 mayors across the country who are all a part of the The United States Conference of Mayors, have signed a letter asking the Senate be called back to Washington ​to vote on two pieces of legislation the house has already passed.

In part, H.R. 8 would require ​anyone purchasing a gun to ​do a NICS background check and prohibit unlicensed transfer of guns​ through secondary sales. ​

H.R. 112 would extend the background ​check review period deadline ​from three to ten days. ​

“This closes the loophole ​on illegal gun sales and lengthens ​and reinforces red flag background ​checks,” Price said.

On Thursday, CBS 11 News reporter Erin Jones asked others for their opinions.

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Kelle Headley said she’s all for it.

“I’m all for the people having the right to bear arms but I’m also think we need to control the out of control situation,” Headley said.

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Ana Chaija said she doesn’t think anyone really feels safe so politicians “do need to really fight” for their citizens.

And to Headley and Chaija, Price says this is just the beginning.

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“The conversation is broad ​and deep and this is just the ​beginning… To close those two loopholes​ to get tighter background checks,” Price said.

Erin Jones