DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dozens of Dallas Police officers responding to calls Tuesday, answered a call of another kind as well.

The National Latino Law Enforcement Organization held a blood drive in response to the El Paso massacre.

Dallas Police Latino officers host blood drive in response to El Paso mass shooting (J.D. Miles – CBS 11)

When Dallas Police officers were asked to donate blood in honor of El Paso shooting victims, few responded faster than Det. Ed Lujan who was second in line.

“I’m originally from El Paso. I’m a native and what happened a few weeks ago, it really touched me knowing I could have had a family member injured or killed,” said Det. Lujan.

The Dallas Police detective was also on the receiving end of a life-saving transfusion four years ago.

He was run over while breaking up a fight outside a nightclub.

“I know how important life is and how short it can be,” he said.

Det. Lujan and fellow officers with NLEO put together the blood drive at its headquarters because so many of their members, like Sgt. Richard Santiesteban have strong ties to El Paso.

“This is life you know, for somebody that may need it, this is life,” said Sgt. Santiesteban.

Santiesteban’s relatives were next door to the El Paso Walmart when the shooting happened.

“I have a cousin that lives not too far from there he happened to be not at the actual Walmart but the Sam’s next door,” he said.

More than 100 Dallas officers are expected to donate to this blood drive by the time it’s over.