FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A Fort Worth ISD teacher is starting the school year without the necessary school supplies for her special needs students.

A man was caught on video stealing them off her porch last Friday.

“At the point that you ​realized it wasn’t of any value ​to you, I wish you could’ve just given it back,” Ashleigh Powell said.

That’s what she wishes ​she could tell the man ​her Ring camera ​recorded swiping packages off her porch Friday around 11:00 a.m.

Suspected Fort Worth package thief (courtesy: Ashleigh Powell)

When she realized what happened the ​next day, while setting up her classroom​, she felt violated.

“Completely violated!​“ Powell said. ”You don’t expect someone to come up to your ​property, especially hoping a fence and walking on to your porch.” ​

Inside the stolen packages were some ​important items for her 6th through 8th ​graders at Boulevard Heights School. ​

Things like sensory fidget items and pictures used to communicate.

Powell paid for all the items on her own.

“The population of students​ that we teach , most of them are on the autism spectrum so we buy a lot of adapted supplies,” she said. “Most of them are non verbal so it’s super important we have these supplies where they’re able to communicate with pictures and we’re able to teach them. They’re able to answer us. It’s just ​kind of sad we didn’t have some of ​the stuff to start the school year with, but we’re going to get it figured out.”

Already, people are offering to ​pay for some of Powell’s supplies. ​

Donations can be sent to Boulevard Heights School at 5100 El Campo Avenue in Fort Worth.

Erin Jones