FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Fort Worth Firefighter Charities and Cook Children’s Medical Center have teamed up to provide training and thousands of bleeding control kits to help equip Fort Worth schools for bleeding emergencies.

City officials admit life-threatening events “are becoming increasingly more frequent” and say knowing how to react after an active shooter event, structural collapse, car crash or traumatic injury can benefit everyone.

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“The Stop the Bleed training program is an essential and proactive step to providing an added layer of safety for all of our children and teachers in our schools,” said Mayor Betsy Price.

Along with the Fort Wort Fire Department, members of a specially-trained Cook Children’s trauma team are providing Stop the Bleed training classes to interested teachers, churches and community members.

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The classes educate attendees with information — like knowing that victims can die from uncontrolled bleeding within five to 10 minutes. Instructors also teach proper bleeding control techniques, including dressings, tourniquets and using hands to apply pressure.

In all, Fort Worth Fire and Cook Children’s donated 3,300 bleeding control kits to FWISD schools.

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A new Texas law requires that bleeding control kits be available on all Texas public school campuses by January 2020. The kits contain emergency items including tourniquets, chest seals, compression bandages, bleeding control bandages, gloves and scissors.