(CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott opened up about his contract situation and his thoughts on the running back position in today’s league. Elliott is currently holding out and is away from the team as he seeks a new contract. Although he has two years remaining on his rookie contract, the 24-year-old is looking to be the top-paid running back in the league.

In an interview with Maxim magazine in July, Elliott talked about his love for the team but that he knows there’s a business side of the league.

“I love playing for the Dallas Cowboys. I love the organization, my teammates. I do want to be a Cowboy for the rest of my life and hopefully that’s a possibility. But even Emmitt Smith, the greatest running back ever, ended up going to play a couple of years for another organization. So it’s just the nature of the game, but I want to be a Dallas Cowboy for as long as I can,” Elliott told Maxim.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones remains adamant in his approach to dealing with the contract situations among the team, including Elliott. Jones said he hopes deals are made but that players like Elliott are still under contract.

Elliott said his goal remains to win Super Bowl.

“It all starts with the team, the ultimate goal, and that’s just to win a Super Bowl,” Elliott told Maxim. “… But I believe that if you do everything you can in helping your team win ball games, and the ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl, then all of the other stuff will take care of itself.”

During the interview, Elliott also talked about his thoughts on the running back position in today’s NFL.

“Until the very recent deal with Todd Gurley, I think there was an undervalue of the running back position,” Elliott told Maxim. “But with guys like Gurley getting drafted so high, then me, and now guys like Saquon Barkley getting drafted in the first round, I think we’ve done a great job of bringing back the value of the position, showing the importance of the running back.”


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