FORT WORTH (CBSDFW) — This Sunday will mark 20 years since the shooting rampage that left eight people dead, including the gunman, at Fort Worth’s Wedgwood Baptist Church.

Two decades have passed and the reflection on that day’s events are still painful, but also hopeful for many who lived through the horror.

Retired Fort Worth Police Sergeant and member of Wedgwood Church, Chip Gillette, has lived across the church for nearly 25 years. On the night of the shooting, he was at home off-duty while his wife and daughter were inside the church.

When Gillette realized what was going on he radioed for help and then rushed inside the church to help while shots still rang out.

“I knew he was here because I could hear ‘bang…bang,'” he recalled.

Shortly after, the shooter killed himself and Gillette’s wife and daughter made it out alive. However, seven others were killed.

Gillette said the frequency in which these types of killings are happening 20 years later has given much concern.

“It’s evidence of us going down the wrong way in society. We can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results,” he added.

A memorial outside the church currently stands, honoring the seven lives taken that day.