DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas civil rights group says there will be protests if former Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger is not convicted of murder for the September 2018 shooting death of Botham Jean.

That group, the Next Generation Action Network, is organizing a community meeting Thursday night.

After the shooting death of Botham Jean inside his apartment which Guyger said she mistook for her own, activist Dominique Alexander was among the loudest voices calling for Guyger to be fired and criminally charged.

Dallas police officer Amber Guyger stands charged with murder in the fatal shooting of Botham Shem Jean who she mistakenly thought was in her apartment. (CBS DFW)

Alexander says Thursday night’s meeting near Fair Park will be to “inform concerned citizens about the case” and a former Dallas prosecutor will answer questions about what to expect as the trial progresses.

“We are going to actually make sure people are informed on what to look for, what to see, because a lot of times when situations happen like this and people are on edge, misinformed people kind of act out in ways that they shouldn’t and we want our people to be the best and the most informed,” said Alexander.

The Dallas County Courthouse will have added security measures come Monday when testimony begins.

That’s also when a demonstration is scheduled outside by the Next Generation Action Network.

Work is already underway on the 7th floor or the Dallas County courthouse to prepare for the trial next week.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office plans security upgrades it won’t discuss in detail, but includes tighter screening of those coming and going.  

“It’s such high profile and there’s a lot of people that get involved and want to see a certain outcome, you just got to be careful,” said Deputy Raul Reyna. “We already have information about the activists that are going to be out there.”