DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall said Wednesday, violent crime is at the forefront of the department’s focus.

She gave an update on the department’s Summer Crime Initiative saying DPD achieved what they set out to accomplish.

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall (CBS 11)

The department focused efforts in eight areas known for high crime and she said that’s made a difference.

“We are excited to report that we identified from a data driven initiative eight areas of concern for the city,” said Chief Hall. “For the month of June, we saw three of those areas that we had made a significant impact. By July there were five areas that we had made an impact. And by August all eight of the areas had seen a significant reduction in violent crime.”

As a result, the presence of Texas Department of Public Safety troopers in South Dallas has dropped.

“We have always had a partnership, but not to the extent that we had this summer. There will always be a partnership of warrant apprehension. Periodically you will see a surge of state troopers to assist us where needed, but for a large enforcement effort that we have had in the past, they are not here to that magnitude.”

As we move into fall, Chief Hall says a new effort is starting.

“We have Operation Restore Order. We are continuing our efforts all over the city still focusing on a data driven approach making sure that where the incidents are happening, the city Of Dallas, we are there and making sure that we have proactive as well as reactive strategies to deal with the crime that’s happening around the city.

Erin Jones