DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – People in tornado-ravaged neighborhoods in North Dallas scrambled Thursday to secure exposed possessions before rain arrived for the first time since Sunday’s storm.

Most of the damaged roofs along Northaven Road and others are covered now, four days after the tornado outbreak.

Utility crews, contractors, tree trimmers were still busy across Preston Hollow.

Workers told CBS 11 it will take dangerous lightning or torrential rain to curtail the progress being made.

North Dallas tornado damage four days later (J.D. Miles – CBS 11)

The only real concern is if the wind picks up and blows around the huge stacks of debris that have been piled up along streets for the city to collect.

A few houses that had high vaulted roofs remain exposed to the elements.

Nancy Luce and her family have one of those and they spent the day Thursday making sure nothing of value could get wet.

“That’s been the urgency of today,” said Luce. “That’s why we’ve have things packed up and we’re pushing it in the back or taking it away it’s going to come in it’s going to come in but we’re safe.”

A few houses that had roofs that could not be covered because of the homes design so remain exposed to the rain coming in.

While most roofs are covered with blue plastic tarps, some workers are creating a shrink wrap type effect by securing the roofs by applying a blow torch to a type of material that creates a tight, secure fit.

Meantime, Luce and so many other homeowners still don’t know if their houses are damaged beyond repair, but they are getting electrical power back with the number of customers still without down to about 1,500.