DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Some major Dallas streets have reopened after the EF-3 tornado bulldozed its way through Dallas.

They include Hillcrest Road and Midway Road and parts of Preston Road and Royal Lane.

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While Preston and Inwood haven’t fully reopened yet, Assistant City Manager Majed Al-Ghafry said late Friday afternoon he hopes all of Walnut Hill Lane will be open to traffic between I-35E and Central Expressway.

While most of Marsh Lane has reopened, the city’s Transportation Director, Michael Rogers said the northbound lane just north of Walnut Hill remains closed because the rain caused flooding.

Rogers said crews are now working on the storm drains in the area.

Tornado cleanup in Dallas. (CBS 11)

The major north-south roads could reopen because city strike teams finished clearing storm debris.

That’s welcome news to Juan Ramos, whose family-owned hair salon at Walnut Hill Lane and Marsh Lane reopened Friday for the first time since the twister hit. “We’re back.”

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While he’s still fixing minor leaks, Ramos said he’s glad most of main streets are reopened because customers now have a way to get here. “They can get here safely there’s no debris or trees in the road so we’re glad the first responders are taken care of everything and all the people clearing around the neighborhoods.”

In all, the city has seven strike teams, each with as many as 70 people and 40 trucks.

Rogers said, “Our main goal here is to try to get us back working, back to school, back to our life, which is so important for us. That’s why we have so many people out here working tirelessly.”

The city said it has cleared debris from 20% of the side streets.

One homeowner who lives near Walnut Hill Lane and Midway Road, who wished to remain anonymous, said he’s now trying to figure out the best way to get around the smaller streets. “I’ve pretty much done that by talking to friends in other parts of the city or getting out like I am today walking around and assessing damage to determine the best route I can take.”

While crews have repaired numerous traffic signals, dozens still remain out, but the city has established four-way stops, such as the one at Hillcrest and Royal.

Rogers said it will take awhile for traffic to flow normally through the Preston and Royal intersection.

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Work will continue Saturday and Sunday to reopen major streets and remove storm debris from the side streets.