RICHARDSON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s been five days since multiple tornadoes touched down in North Texas and while many neighborhoods, business and schools are still a long way from recovery, help continues to come in.

“I’m in like a war zone,” Michael Chambers said.

Michael and Jen Chambers are one of several families in South Richardson who can no longer live in their homes.

“The city has basically deemed it unsafe, do not enter, and then condemned it and put notices on the door,” Chambers said.

Jen Chambers in front of her tornado-damaged Richardson home (courtesy: Chambers family)

Since Sunday’s EF 3 tornado hit, Chambers and his wife have hopped from place to place, not sure of what’s next. Their contractor comes Wednesday.

“Tonight we’ll be staying with her parents. The last couple of nights we’ve stayed at a hotel,” he said.

Their neighborhood homeowner’s association is coming together to help those in need. They’re brainstorming ideas ahead of next month’s meeting.

“We will see that people are taken care of as much as we can,” board member Millie Harrison said.

This weekend, 100-plus SMU students are getting involved, too.

“We organized a bunch of students of campus to go out to a bunch of local churches and help with those churches in their process to clean up this disaster,” SMU freshman Wade Glover said. “Making meals, feeding residents and helping with the cleanup efforts.”

Glover is leading the operation and says he feels deeply for all the victims.

“Seeing some of the pictures of the damage are really scary but I think we’re really blessed no one was injured,” Glover said.

“I’m glad everybody is OK,” Chambers said.

For those affected by the tornado, the City of Richardson is trying to offer some relief.

The Eisenman Center is offering free tickets to a concert this weekend and city rec centers are offering free memberships through mid-November.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up for the Chambers family.

Erin Jones