SOUTHLAKE (CBSDFW.COM) – Patriotism and service, two things exemplified by a police officer in Southlake after severe weather moved through.

While in a residential area an officer with the Southlake Police Department noticed that one resident’s flagpole had been toppled by rain and high winds, leaving their American flag laying on the ground.

The officer went to the door and rang the bell, when he didn’t get a response he stepped out into the sunshine and carefully began to fold the flag.

Eventually the homeowner answered through their video doorbell. It was then the officer walked back to the front door and said, “Hey, I’m just coming to pick up y’alls flag. I guess y’alls flagpole got knocked over from the storm,” the officer said. “I’m gonna fold your flag up — just so I can get it off the ground — I’m gonna sit it in your chair.”

The resident said they were out of town and thanked to officer. When they returned from their trip they sent to video to Southlake PD, again thanking the officer for going above and beyond.