DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) — Dallas County commissioners will ​vote on an order that could give tornado victims some relief on their property taxes Tuesday. ​

Homeowner Al Martinez pointed out that on top of all ​the damage to homes, many of the decade-old trees in his Walnut Hill neighborhood are gone — making it look “bombed out.”

“Talking to the neighbors about it… That’s ​the thing that tipped them into buying these houses were the trees,” ​Martinez said. “This property isn’t worth what it was before the storm.”

Another homeowner, Irvin Geft, said they can’t replace the trees.

“That’s the biggest loss we took here,” Geft said.

Since the Oct. 20 storms devastated different parts of North Texas, Governor Greg Abbott and Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins issued disaster declarations in response to the damage.

​And on Tuesday, Dallas County commissioners will take up an order ​that — if passed — would allow destroyed properties ​to be reappraised, likely bringing property tax relief to homeowners. ​

“I expect this to pass and it’s only right that ​homeowner’s taxes should be based on the value of the home they are left with after the storm,” Judge Jenkins said.

Geft said that he thinks it’s favorable for the community, and they’ll take anything they can.

“We’re missing a high school, we’re missing a junior ​high, we’re missing one of the most beautiful grade schools,” ​Martinez said. “Even when all the stumps are taken away and all the stuff is cleared, it will be obvious that something chaotic and devastating happened to this neighborhood.” ​

If the order passes, there’s no timeline on when the reappraisals would take place, but they’ll come at no cost to homeowners.

Insurance specialist Frank Gallovich said tax readjustment would have zero impact on claims.

“Claims are based on replacement cost and not taxable value,” Gallovich said. “Completely different valuation.”

Erin Jones