FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) — Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth has stopped plans to end life support for 9-month-old Tinslee Lewis.

A judge granted her family a temporary restraining order against the hospital today, meaning doctors have to keep treating Tinslee until at least Nov. 22.

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Tinslee was diagnosed with Ebstien Anomaly, a heart defect, which caused her heart to be so enlarged that it caused chronic lung disease. She has had three surgeries and has also been on a ventilator for roughly two months.

But her mom, Trinity, still says she’s a happy baby.

“She loves to cuddle. She’s a good baby,” she said.

Tinslee Lewis (CBS 11 News)

Under Texas’ “10 day law,” in which medical facilities can withdraw treatment, hospital officials gave Tinslee’s mother notice last Thursday that they would be taking her baby girl off life support Nov. 10. But the family wanted more time to find another hospital to care for her.

Hospital spokeswoman Winifred King said officials believe Tinslee’s condition is “irreversible” and it is in her mother’s best interest to “free her from artificial intervention and suffering.”

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“All have said our assessment is correct and they feel there is nothing more they can provide to help improve this precious child’s life,” King said.

However, during a news conference Sunday evening, Trinity’s great aunt, Beverly Winston, said Tinslee is a fighter and she deserves to fight for her life.

“We are a family who believes where theres just a little air, theres hope. So, don’t take nothing from her that you know she needs,” Winston said. “Regardless of your reason, what the law is — she deserves the chance to fight for her life, and she has a troop who will help her 100% and above.”

In the meantime, Tinslee’s family, as well as State Representative Tan Parker, are hoping a medical institution will hear her story and step up to provide care.

“That’s what we’re focused on, is to find a solution,” Parker said. “We want to find a way to allow her to have a permanent, wonderful blessed life.”

If another institution doesn’t come to Tinslee’s aid in the next 11 days, her family will be back in court to try and renew the temporary restraining order.

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