NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) — There is growing buzz around extending the NFL season.

CBS Sports is reporting the league is planning to present their collective bargaining agreement proposal to players after the regular season.

Sources say the preseason would be reduced to two games and the regular season would be extended by one game — from 16 to 17 games total. However, the regular season would still start after Labor Day, but then conclude the final Sunday of February with the Super Bowl.

Cowboys fans at The Star in Frisco are on both sides of the fence about the scheduling.

“I would like to see an extra game because I think in the winter months, there’s not a lot of sports that I like besides football,” football fan Sara Saunders said.

Jacob Handy mentioned that most people that watch the Cowboys, are “die hard fans” and “want as much football as they can get.”

But for Jared Pereia, he thinks it would be a little too much.

“I played high school and a little college football myself and I think the players are more susceptible to more injuries,” Pereia said. “I had a couple concussions myself and I just think if you prolong the season, it’s a wear-and-tear on the body. I think if you shorten the season you have a better quality of game.”

Erin Jones