DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The families of two victims who were hit by a car in a parking garage at NorthPark Center in March have filed a lawsuit against the Dallas mall. They are seeking to close the mall’s parking lots for at least a year and millions of dollars in damages after the crash killed one of the victims and severely injured the other.

The attorneys representing the families allege the mall is responsible for the death of Yu Luo and the injuries to Shiguo Wang after they were hit by a car that was speeding through the parking garage attached to the Nordstrom. The lawsuit claims the mall “knowingly tolerated” joyriding that occurs in its parking lots.

The incident happened the evening of March 11 at around 10 p.m. According to the attorneys, Luo was hit into an elevator wall and killed while Wang was knocked over the edge of the garage and fell from the second story.

According to papers filed in the lawsuit, the driver was speeding through the parking garage from the bottom floor to the top when it hit the two as they were trying to find a restaurant at the mall.

The families’ attorneys also revealed aerial pictures from 2011 and 2019 of the parking garage that appeared to show signs of joyriding and “donuts” that were made.

According to the attorneys, NorthPark Center officials said they would not release surveillance video of the incident.

In a statement to CBS 11 regarding the lawsuit, NorthPark Center said:

“NorthPark is in receipt of a lawsuit filed against it related to the tragic incident on March 11, 2019. Following the incident, NorthPark immediately began its investigation alongside legal counsel and local authorities. While NorthPark remains deeply saddened by this incident, NorthPark unequivocally denies all claims of wrongdoing asserted in the lawsuit. Beyond that, NorthPark cannot comment at this time on pending litigation.”

Pictures of Luo were released by the family’s attorney when the lawsuit was announced.

Yu Luo (Credit: Family attorney)